Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5 Green and Greener Grow- Medibles in Michigan

America, being the first country to accept and propagate marijuana for medical use has witnessed a sale estimate of $1.5 dollars annually. Among the eight states in America where marijuana is legal for medical terms, Michigan is coming up with some astonishing medical recommendations in this biomedical field.
Green and Greener Grow Collective (non-profit) transformed the edible food products with marijuana to medibles.  These marijuana finished food products are easily consumable by the patients and are quite effective. Moreover, patients can get these medibles in different forms and flavors. These medibles are prepared with natural food products and are safe for consumption and are a good alternative for non smokers. Some of the most common medicles that one can have in Michigan are listed below. 
Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat
Suggested as a great smoking alternate, chocolate rice crispy treat is prepared from food ingredients like rice cereal, marshmallow cream and lots of chocolate. However, the medical prescriptions for patients can vary; a single dose can serve up to 1.5 grams. With the mouth-watering chocolates juicing and the crispy taste of the delicious desert ticking the taste buds, the medible is quite effective as a muscle relaxant.
Fruit Crispy treat
This medible is a real good way of controlling the marijuana dosage and is preferred for appetite stimulation. Made up with mouthwatering food ingredients like fruit loops, marshmallow cream and rice cereal, the medible provides a dosage of 1.5 gram in a single serve. As a result patients are advised to take small doses in breaks, so that the medible can complete a full therapy cycle. 
Billy Goat Bar:
Better known as the good smoking alternative, Billy goat bar is made with natural food products and is really effective for pain relief. Whole grains, sugar, rice wheat gluten, freeze dried strawberries, sesame, soy, whole wheat, and cannabutter make a single serving of 1gram. Depending up on the prescriptions for patients, the dosage can be varied. 

Rice Crispy Treat
These medibles are mostly prescribed to patients who want to have the medicinal benefit of marijuana without smoking it. Mainly having natural food ingredients like rice crispy cereal, and marshmallow cream, making a single serve with a dose of 1gram. With a satisfying delicious taste, these medibles act as valuable medicines for appetite stimulation and muscle relaxant. 

Chewy Bud Brownie

A twisted version of the brownie with cannabis, chewy bud brownie is a suggested choice for smokers as well as the non-smokers. Made of high quality ingredients like sugar, flour, cannabutter, cocoas, corn starch and soybean, the single serves a dosage of 1.5 gram. With a controlled dosage patients have shown effective results over other medical treatments.
Have medibles is a great option for medible consumption by non-smokers, and people’s whose lungs aren’t strong enough to consumer to smoke or cough it out. Healthier, they are readily accepted by patients of all age groups.

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