Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Makes Malana Cream the best Hashish in the World?

The tremendously high oil content of the Malana Cream accounts for it to be one of the most expensive and best hashish in the cannabis menu at Amsterdam. Even cannabis dealers in New Delhi quote very high prices for their products claiming Malana Cream to be fetched directly from Malana.
Malana Cream - Product Description
This very famous North Indian charas variety that blooms on the soaring sun-drenched crest points in and around the quaint village of Malana that lies between the valleys of Parvati and Kullu, located at the heights of 2500 to 3000 meters.
Malana Cream is a hardy strain accompanied by very exquisite aromatic resins. The intensely aromatic flowering tips of Malana Creams gleam with fine outgrowths or trichomes. The plant grows to a height of about 4 meters and is prolifically and vigorously productive.
Malana Cream Overview
The superior Malana Cream comprises of one of the best and premium hand-rubbed charas present throughout the world. It offers a match for fine Nepalese, with its euphoric high head and balanced Sativa offering thorough physical relaxation.
Effects of Malana Cream
Malana Cream is produced form the charas plant with intense care. It is then quite easily and softly moulded by warm hands. It offers an aroma of reminiscent of an overripe fruit, malt and mango blended with the mixture of scents that bear similarity with the sweet-sticky traditional Indian milk confectionary.
A moderate consumption of this strain leads to the production of intensely bright cerebral buzz that is giddy and very sociable. A larger consumption of the same produces a strong and mind altering almost psychedelic effect. It is this variety of marijuana that produces the Champagne of the marijuana resin market.
Suitable Conditions for Growth of Malana Cream Strain
As the strain is well adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of the Himalayas, it therefore bears a very strong resistance to wind, rain and cold. A fairly good ratio of plants also possess an early finishing time. This accounts for Malana strain to easily adapt to outdoor conditions of the northern regions. 

As the Malana strain offers a special high, it also offers some exceptional medicinal potential. It should also be fairly easy to find the plants containing CBD in this gene pool. Approximately one quarter of plants show high CBD and low THC chemo types and the other half being roughly mixed with a 1:1 ration of CBD: THC. Similar to other Himalayan marijuana strains, Malana also has a history of its medicinal uses.  
Features of Malana Cream
Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Plant
Regional Harvest: Late September to Late October 
Height: 3-5 meter
Aroma: Sweet, fruity, citrus, hash and malty 
Grow Type: Outdoors and Greenhouse


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    2. Bro I plan to go to malana this weekend...Now day's at what cost did I get malana super cream???

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