Friday, May 17, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Wake and Bake Emerge Marijuana Strains

Wake & bake marijuana strains are perfect for medical marijuana patients who do not want to wake up every morning tired and feel wasted due to chronic pain, depression or other issues in day to day life. The day ahead can be really tiring and frustrating in case you’ve got a day job or dozens of random chores to deal with. Some fine marijuana strains can really power you upfor a hard day ahead!
Here, we’re going to list the best cannabis medicine strains that you can use for perfect morning rips!
1. Cherry AK

An excellent wake and bake strain, Cherry AK is one of the finest marijuana medicines available in the United States today. This strain does live up to its name ‘Cherry AK.’ You’d be surprised that the strain does really taste almost like cherries! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a pleasant high right in the morning before going on a morning walk or heading to the office after feasting on a smooth and tasty Cherry AK? The cherry aroma emanating from each one of its buds and softness are two characteristics that you’ll never forget!
2. Strawberry Diesel

If you want a subtle but deep high that keeps your head clear, and in a productive mode, you should really try the tasty Strawberry Diesel strain. It’s a mix of Strawberry Cough & NYC Diesel. A little Strawberry Diesel in the morning and you can go about working, playing or roaming around the town or city with your friends for several hours at a stretch. A sativa strain, Strawberry Diesel is both potent & tasty (almost the same as wild strawberries, if you’ve tasted some). If you get your hands on this strain or Strawberry Cough, don’t think twice – stock up!
3. Couzin Itt

One of the best medicinal marijuana strains for daytime medication, Couzin Itt is known for its extremely pleasant high and fruity taste. It’s one of those strains that you can use right in the morning without having to worry about getting too stoned to work or play.
4. Sour Kush
It’s a perfect strain for morning rips if it’s chronic pain you want to get rid of through medical marijuana. Sour Kush can rightly be counted among the best cannabis medicines strains as it induces a very powerful couch lock. The ‘high’ produced by the strain is equally amazing. The strain tastes almost like a sour candy and therefore, it’s very easy for anyone to consume it.
5. Blue Pearl

It’s not a hard hitting marijuana strain. It’s one of those marijuana strains that give a slow and soft kick. Perfect for daytime (especially during the summers), Blue Pearl has an amazing fruity (blueberry) taste and smell. Try it once and you’ll never forget the aroma or the taste, really!  Blue Pearl’s pleasant high has a long shelf life. That means you need not go for another session during the day time. A crazy boss, a frustrating work place, naughty kids, physical exhaustion or chronic pain – Blue Pearl can keep you relaxed, physically and mentally, all day long! 
There are hundreds of strains out there that they may want to try at one point or the other. These 5 are among the best marijuana strains for morning use. Nearly all of these strains are clear sativa or have a dominant sativa element in them. In the morning, you want to stay positive, feel energetic and have a clear head for a satisfying day ahead. That’s exactly what these strains can help you achieve without!

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