Monday, June 10, 2013

Low Cannabis Doses can stop the progress of Brain Damage

Cannabis is a generic term used to denote the several psychoactive preparations of the main plant ---- Cannabis sativa. A well known drug, Cannabis is mostly known for its recreational uses the world over for its use in the cases of chronic ailments such as cancer and its role in post traumatic stress, insomnia, and appetite loss is well acknowledged too. As per the recent clinical researches worldwide, the medical Cannabis is found to be an effective safeguard against the various neurological disorders as well.
Brain damage can cause serious consequences that range from mild defects to serious neurological structural damages. The major reasons for the injury could be attributed to accidents, over use of toxic drugs, and hypoxia i.e. lack of oxygen availability to brain over a long period of time. Low Cannabis dose can stop the progress of brain damage considerably. As per the recently conducted clinical trials, the psychoactive component of the medical Cannabis protects the brain from long term cognitive damage.Although, Cannabis was already known to be a relief provider for patients suffering from serious neurological damage; the recent research of Prof. Sarne (Behavioral Brain Research and Experimental Brain Research) proves that an extremely low dose of Cannabis ----- almost 1,000 to 10,000 times than a regular Marijuana cigarette can lead to encouraging results.
According to similar researches in the field, the use of Cannabis (in the form of little medical doses) for a week or more can act as a catalyst in reactivating biochemical reactions in the brain region. Once these biochemical processes commence their regular schedule in the body, brain cells start functioning all over again leading to a better brain health. One of the major reasons as suggested by Prof. Sarne that makes Cannabis significantly potent in treating brain injury is that the drug causes minute damage to the brain in the beginning only, later to build resistance and trigger prevention measures to fight against the injury.
Hence, the drug assists the neurological network of the body in developing sturdy protective mechanism in wake of any kind of injury to the brain in the near future. It’s also evident from the study & many other researches that medical Cannabis has a big impact on cell signaling, preventing death of cells and promotion of associated growth factors. Apart from its use for treating neurological injuries, regular use of Cannabis in small doses can also help in prevention of injuries to brain that might occur in the future.
The positive medical effects of Cannabis are largely unknown the world over because of very limited and non-systemic research in the field. Nevertheless, with increased research work being done in the field, Cannabis would surely be established as a wonder drug for fighting the brain injuries. In addition to its encouraging effects in treating brain injuries, Cannabis also provides great relief to the people who’re at high risk of heart attack, when consumed in controlled quantities. Therefore, use of Cannabis in small limits just after the occurrence of brain injury can not only prevent further damage but also gear up the neurological framework of the body in fighting against similar challenges in the future as well.

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