Friday, July 12, 2013

Bubblegum Haze: Fruity Taste and Cerebral High

It’s a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It’s light in color and has a fairly large number of orange colored hairs on top of the leaves. A large number of crystals cover the bud area. The dominance of sativa alone is sufficient to explain the reason behind the citrus smell of the strain. However, this smell is prominent when the plant is ground up. The strain (in ready to smoke or eat form) also smells a little like the good old bazooka bubble gum!
The moment you take the strain or bubble gum seeds out of the poly-bag, you’d feel as if you’ve just opened a pack of bubble gums! That’s just about the smell; the taste too is amazing! Bubble game haze, as the name suggests, does not just have citrus smell but it tastes fruity too! Buds of the strain have glands that are filled up with syrup. The fruity taste is also because of the sativa dominance and indica effect. This strain, although known as a haze, does not have much of a ‘hazy-taste’ at all. The orange-raspberry taste simply overpowers the hazy touch the strain has got. That said, you can first enjoy consuming cannabis edibles and have a really good time shortly after that!
Bubble gum strain has been received quite well by a large number of people who use cannabis products. Medical marijuana as an alternative medicine has succeeded largely due to the reason that high-end strains such as bubble gum haze are tasty and easy to consume. Who wouldn’t like to eat up a piece of cake with some bubble gum seeds or juicy buds of bubble gum hazein it! Cannabis products made from bubble gum strain are known to have high medicinal value. They are known to provide excellent benefits in case a patient needs to combat pain, anxiety or depression. Beginning with a quick and heavy buzz, the strain produces a light and overpowering feeling of happiness and contentment, both on physical and mental level.While it can be consumed at any time, most people prefer to consume bubble gum strain medibles or other cannabis products during the night time when they’re home after spending a meaningful day with friends, colleagues, children or others. It’s a great strain but you should make it a point to buy it only when high grade quality is available. To make sure you get ‘A’ or at least ‘B-grade’bubble gum seeds or other cannabis products, you should always rely on nonprofit provisioning centers in the region.

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