Friday, August 2, 2013

La Confidential Weed Review

Originating from OG Kush, La Confidential is a popular marijuana strain known for its ‘quick’ action. Yes, it can make you a little lazy but La confidential was never meant to be enjoyed during work hours. It’s a perfect for a long trip at home, beach or anywhere else you can lay back and enjoy. Read on to know more about this weed.
A popular commercial strain that owes its genetic origin to OG Kush , La Confidential weed is easy to grow and compatible with almost all kinds of growing media and procedures. The strains genetics is divided between OG LA Affie and an Afghani strain.
LA Confidential is by nature an indoor plant, but can be grown in the outdoors too. This plant has been known as easy for even a first timer to grow in his backyard. For its resistance to mildew, it doesn’t require much protection against weather conditions. This tasty and heavy Indica offspring is among the most saleable weeds of late.
LA Confidential develops very dense popcorn like dark green buds which turn to dark color by the time of harvest. The plant is known for its speedy maturity and finishes flowering within the first 7-8 weeks, when grown outdoors. The weed is not one of the biggest yielding strains and produces average yields in the range of 300-400 grams per square meter for smaller plants. But, larger plants may produce better yields.
LA Confidential has a light green colored appearance with the surface covered with orange hair and trichomes. The bud’s inner also possesses hair and trichomes. The leaves of the plant are longer in size, as you would expect from any weed from hindu kush mountains but snow-capped in appearance because of the frost, if grown outdoors. The strain produces mellow and minty smell from distance, but when smelled from near the aroma changes to smooth piney one. The strain leaves a long lasting taste but if the smoke of the weed is inhaled after burning, you can develop cough for the allergy it gives to the lungs. You can try using an erbo water pipe for better smoking experience.
Medical Effects
The Indica strain leaves you high as soon as it is puffed in. The strain is high on kick and for its pure Indica properties it affects all the parts of the body within a matter of few minutes. It can leave you heavy limbed and relaxes your muscles – also making you feel sleepy. For these calming effects, Indica lovers prefer it to all the other strains in the market. The strain is considered advantageous for anyone suffering with low appetite. The stuffs made out of the strain are high on THC percentage and provides stimulation to the brain.
For its analgesic properties, the strain is widely consumed in form of medication by patients suffering from pains. LA Confidential is greatly useful in treating back spasms and muscle cramps. For anyone suffering from anxiety and stress, this is a perfect cure.
LA Confidential As a Smoking Joint
When smoked, the strain provides an instant high, reflecting its pure Kush Genetics. The aroma that rises from the weed is hashy and hits the smoker’s brain instantly – giving heavy and trippy head effects.
Even for all its wonderful uses and the high its gives to a marijuana smoker, LA Confidential weed is categorized as a lazy that should be avoided at during working hours or you’ll find it difficult to concentrate work or even minor tasks.

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