Monday, October 7, 2013

Double Dutch Strain: Mild Fruit Smelling Hybrid

In the present times finding good quality authentic cannabis strain is a daunting task. But, at G&GGC, renowned non-profit cannabis collective in Michigan, we provide the finest quality marijuana to medical users and ensure they get the right value for their money.
Double Dutch strain is the newest addition to our strain collection. It is produced by crossing Indica dominant Warlock with a pre-millennium chronic strain in the ratio 60:40. The strain is good blend, and maintains essential properties of both. It is a highly potent and bushy plant. The plant develops giant sativa like buds which are almost similar to large popcorn shaped balls.
During the stage of vegetative, the plant grows thick stems and fat leaves. It possesses big pale green flowers and is covered by orange hair all over the body. The plant is fairly dense and sticky in appearance. Double Dutch Strain has a fruity aroma, which lends it a characteristic sweet smell. When inhaled, it produces a tasty smoke that leads to a little tingle on exhaling.
It produces a high head, but is not accompanied by sleepiness. It can be used as a medicine to treat chronic pain and stress. Because it doesn’t hit too hard, it can also be consumed during the day. It won’t hamper your daily activities; in fact unleash a euphoria and positivity that leads to greater efficiency at work. The only precaution to be observed is to consume the strain in the prescribed amounts. Double Dutch Strawberry is available with limited retailers. With us, you can be rest assured that you’ll get the best quality weed at the most competitive prices offered by anyone in the market.

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