Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 Interesting Halloween Costume Ideas for Cannabis Users

Weed can be used to design some refreshing costumes for Halloween that too on low budget. Mentioned below are ideas for creating some of the most alluring weed costumes using simple items such as foam, green clothes, spray paint and some weed. In the end what matters is how these constituents are put together into a costume. But, you must be careful no one tries to light you up mistaking you for a smoking joint.
Here are 5 interesting Halloween costume ideas for cannabis users:
A Bong King
One of the most popular dresses that you can easily get from eBay or even make yourself is the Bong King. It makes you appear like a cannabis filled cigarette. As already stated, you must be careful if some drunkard mistakes you for a huge smoking joint and lights up your bowl. The best way to keep drunkards away is to put a ‘No Smoking’ tag before stepping inside a Halloween party.
Princess High, the Cannabis Queen

The Princes High is a costume style made popular by pop diva Lady Gaga. The design of the dress is simple – wear green (preferably weed leaves) but wear less. The dress that may barely cover your top is sexy and worth flaunting.
Miss High Times

It’s easy to look good when people around you are high. The inspiration behind the costume is the Ganja Girls. Such girls would flaunt their cleavage and were crowned as the Miss High Times (HT) in the past. Their dresses were complemented with crowns, and so you too can prepare a crown, but one that is made from cannabis leaves. The crown will perfectly complement the dress and also make your head smell of weed.
Pot Activist Look
It is stylish to look like a pot activist. In order to emulate brave weed activists you just require a nicely ironed suit and attractively framed glasses. Also, you must know how to carry yourself in a party. This dress will make you look more sophisticated and graceful. Accessorize your costume with plenty of weed. Get bracelets, necklace and or even a hat made from weed. And remember, you’re only role playing there and there to discuss the legalization or DE-legalization of the weed.
Pot Smoking Hippy
For someone born to be a real time hippy stoner, dressing up as hippy provides them a definite edge over others present in the party. If Bob Marley can look funky and hipster in his hippy look so can you. The best part is the costume requires low investment and a smoking joint will do the rest for you.So, while deciding for a Halloween costume this year, consider these weedy options too. Additionally, you can compliment your costumes with a large sized smoking joint. This will not only enhance your image as a die-hard pot fan, but give the opportunity to look different this Halloween. And, don’t forget to carry plenty of weed to keep up the spirit throughout the party.

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