Thursday, November 7, 2013

Different Ways of Ingesting Medical Marijuana

There are numerous methods of consuming medical marijuana. The various methods available to patients for undergoing a Medical Marijuana Treatment include the following:
Smoking Medical Marijuana
Smoking is by far the most expedient method of consuming medical marijuana. Its immediate effects and the dosage can be altered and controlled by the patients. However the major side effect of smoking marijuana is that it can cause damage to the lungs leading to respiratory problems. Therefore it is recommended that patients should adopt other methods of consuming marijuana rather than smoking.
Medical Marijuana Vaporizers
The most recommended method for ingesting medical marijuana is via vaporizers. The marijuana vaporizers even act as a brilliant substitute to smoking marijuana. The vaporizer gently heats up the cannabis maintained at a lower temperature, releasing the active medical ingredients of marijuana, like the THC whilst producing only a few harmful byproducts.
Cannabis Edibles
The results of consumed cannabis are very different from vaporizing or smoking marijuana. Edibles start off with a slow effect.  The effect is also slow to wear off and lasts longer. It hits the body more than the head.
This effect is described as deeper and heavier compared to the effects provided by smoking or vaporizing. Consuming cannabis edibles can be very beneficial to those suffering from chronic and severe body pains. However it should be kept in mind that unlike vaporizing or smoking where you can easily control the amount, it is fairly easy to over consume cannabis edibles which could lead to over medication.
As it takes longer to feel the effect of the cannabis and the edibles also tastes good, therefore patients are advised to start with a small amount and wait for the next 2-3 hours before ingesting another dose. Marijuana edibles are specifically beneficial in relieving sleep disorders, pain and spasticity, but should be avoided if one experiences vomiting or nausea.
Medical Marijuana Tinctures & Tonics
The tinctures and tonics prepared from medical marijuana can be added to the food and liquids, consumed directly by placing a few drops under the tongue or can be applied directly to the skin. These are particularly useful when one experiences nausea and vomiting while undergoing various chemotherapy treatments. The typical dosage of tinctures and tonics of marijuana includes about 2-3 drops in food and not more than two full droppers.
Medical Marijuana Topical
Another alternative route of administration of medical marijuana in the form of topical prepared from cannabis and is applied directly to the skin. It offers least psychoactive reactions and is present in the form of balms, lotions, salves, ointment and sprays made from the cannabis oils. These are highly effective anti- inflammatories and analgesics. They offer excellent results and provide relief in conditions such as arthritis, eczema, chapped skin, muscle soreness, swellings, sunburns, joint pain and minor burns to name a few.
Medical Marijuana Tea & Sodas
The Cannabis leaves, buds and stems can also be used to prepare a medicinal tea. It is prepared the same way as any other tea. You let it steep for a minimum of half an hour before consumption. The strength of marijuana tea can vary in strength, depending upon the ingredients used.

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