Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Becoming a Responsible Medical Cannabis Patient

The way cannabis is used today has changed dramatically over the past few years, thanks to speedy improvements in the cannabis legislation all over the globe.
However, various changes in the cannabis industry also make it somewhat difficult and intimidating for you to correctly navigate the medical marijuana field as a new patient. Mentioned below is a quick and easy guide helping you to better understand what it means to be a medical cannabis patient and what all you can do to be a responsible medical cannabis patient.
Get Complete Information
1. Choose the Correct Strain: Use any Strain Explorer to sort out the strain that matches up your requirement. Crosscheck from a couple of different dispensaries offering medical cannabis to identify the typical strain that corresponds to your health condition. Make sure you explore different types of strains before picking on one, as not all strains are created equal. 

2. Select the Best Consumption Method: There are a variety of different methods in use for cannabis consumption. These methods range from tinctures and edibles to lotions, dabs, vaporizers to sprays. Not all medication devices or types may work well for each patient who can avail medical cannabis at a dispensary. Ask your doctor about the recommended consumption method. Do some research at your end for a better understanding? If a selected method is not suiting you, try out a different one.

Select a Suitable Dispensary for Medical Cannabis
1. Storefront or Delivery Service: The main disadvantage of storefront is getting around, but otherwise they provide you firsthand experience of the type of business you are dealing with. You can procure medical cannabis at authorized dispensaries and various other marijuana products. Take time to learn about their service. Delivery service on the other hand is easy and convenient. But, you need to very sure of your requirement, as the owners cannot bring their entire inventory at your end, which narrows down your choices.
2. Reputation of the Dispensary: Before placing the order, do some research at your end and learn what other patients have to say about a medical marijuana dispensary you’re dealing with. Visit the dispensary website or simply stop by the store if feasible to know the place better and get to know about their services. 
Take Precautions
1. Cannabis is Your Medicine: Treat marijuana like any other medicine and do not share it with others.
2.Store your Cannabis Carefully: For best results, store your cannabis in airtight containers. In case of dried or cured cannabis, make sure you store it away from direct sunlight.
3. Don’t Over Use: Talk to your doctor to ascertain that you are consuming the correct dosage of your cannabis. Do not overdose or misuse your medication. Ask for your doctor’s feedback to know if you are consuming the appropriate dosages.
4. Keep Your Cannabis Away From Children and Pets: Unless your children are medically authorized to be treated by cannabis, you should never administer it to them. You need to make sure that you keep your cannabis supply out of the reach of your children and pets at all times.

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